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Baltic Osseointegration Academy (BOA) is continuation of activity of Lithuanian Dental Progress Association, which was established on 15 December 1994. Association performed a continuing education of dentists’ and was in step with progress in dentistry. The most attention was constantly paid to the topic of implant dentistry.

New progressive technologies and materials were developed in the XXI century, which raised the perception and adjustment of osseointegration process to the forward ranks of dentistry. This field of dentistry is developing very rapidly and it is quite new and complicated. As the result of this, on 19th of April 2008 the LSPD was transformed to dental organization seeking of progress – BOA, it has following objectives:

- To organize continuing educational courses according to several levels of competency, which will direct the latest knowledge of medical science, related to implant dentistry and osseointegration to BOA members.

- To organize exams, that will evaluate the competency level of dentists and maxillofacial surgeons.

- To publish scientific articles, including the latest achievements of BOA members and worldwide scientists.

- To prepare newsletters for the members of BOA.

- To arrange BOA congress once a year.

- To develop mutual international collaboration between dentists and professionals of industry.

- To support the most progressive research projects in the field of implant dentistry and osseointegration.

- To support the most perspective young scientists.

- To present the information for patients about implant dentistry and osseointegration.

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